3 Common Hidden Benefits To Staying Stuck

Are there hidden (unconscious) benefits to staying stuck? I think that there is no one immune to having periods in our lives where procrastination kicks in but what about when we never seem to get out of procrastination? This can look like wanting to start a business...

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Procrastination, Money and Cupcakes!

What do procrastination, money and cupcakes have in common? For one of my clients, everything! (And of course there is a universal theme here so it is worth mention.) Procrastination has a purpose. This purpose is very important and often unconscious to those...

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The diet that will change your life

I have something very controversial to report to you Goddesses. There is a diet I have discovered that will change your life. Yes, it is true. This diet will heal inflammation, possibly lower blood sugar or not cause it to rise at the very least and stimulate insulin...

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When Success Feels Uncomfortable

There are a few major themes when it come to success in general (whether it be with weight or with career.) The subconscious mind is all about safety and comfort. We know this and yet we simply cannot control it because, well, it is unconscious to us how it operates....

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Meet Sandy Zeldes

Sandy is an author and conscious entrepreneur who has had a long 17 year career as a chef and caterer to high profile celebrities and top business leaders. She is also a rebel expert nutritionist and EFT practitioner, passionate food lover and sassy spiritual cowgirl who talks to horses.

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