Have you ever said this to yourself?

I can’t do it because…. I’ve tried before and failed at this so many times so what should be different this time?

I believe when we’ve struggled for a long time with internal blocks to creating change, this shows up as a secondary problem. The feeling of defeat is real and keeps us from trying yet again and failing. But what if there are deeper roots that when addressed, allow change to happen?

Core issues with how we are either taking care of ourselves and putting ourselves first or not, valuing ourselves or not, understanding our own needs or ignoring them. These are the real root causes for why we don’t do what we need to for ourselves year after year. These core issues stem from childhood often and what we learned about our role and ourselves. Unwinding this is the true healing that needs to occur if we are in a defeat cycle with creating the changes with health we wish to see in our lives.


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