Unknown Secret to Weight Loss

It’s a little known secret about success and weight loss that it is an actual choice. Could it really be that the biggest secret to weight loss is choosing it and wanting it in the first place? I know, this sounds ridiculous right? At first glance, all of my... read more

Worth: The Immune System For The Soul

Do you ever find yourself putting up with or tolerating things you feel you would really rather not? Maybe you want to ask your husband or partner to take out the trash or help after dinner, or you really would love to quit your job and tell your difficult boss how... read more

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Meet Sandy Zeldes

Sandy is an author and conscious entrepreneur who has had a long 17 year career as a chef and caterer to high profile celebrities and top business leaders. She is also a rebel expert nutritionist and EFT practitioner, passionate food lover and sassy spiritual cowgirl who talks to horses.

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