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“I’ve totally stopped thinking about food…”

testimonial icon“It’s been three weeks or more and I’ve totally stopped thinking about food… It’s not even a thought in my mind… I have no cravings, I’m not over-eating, its just gone!!! And the “evil me” who hates and criticizes my body constantly, she’s gone as well!! This is amazing.” — Seilya

“No more night time cravings or eating issues”

testimonial icon“I’ve completely stopped thinking about food obsessively… no night time or dinner time eating issues either. And I was able to stop eating or craving wheat without even trying, and its only been a few weeks. I accomplished all of this without even having to think about it…. This is such amazing progress and in such a short time. I’m really excited.” — Dianne, CT

“I never believed this could be possible for me.”

testimonial icon“It’s been less than two weeks and I’ve lost 7.5 lbs without even trying… this has never happened to me before. I’m sleeping better… and my energy is MUCH BETTER. I feel better than I have in a long time… like my old self again. Thank you so much!” — LL, Portland, OR

“My cravings are gone!”

testimonial icon“When I found Sandy, my emotional eating was spinning out of control (chocolate bar, ice cream and cookies every day) and I had gained 35 pounds (and I’m only 5’2). I had very low energy and was depressed because my Mom was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer and died less than three months later. I had daily sugar cravings and insomnia off and on. “If someone had told me my cravings and binges would end in one month after working with Sandy I would’ve said it was impossible. But after four weeks, the cravings were gone and I ended the habit of emotional eating. My energy has returned and my depression has lifted… I have a renewed vitality and zest for life and I’m feeling better than ever.” — Tamara, San Francisco, CA

“I’m not tired and depressed any more.”

testimonial icon“I’m not an easily influenced person and I tend to be cynical of anything I consider to be “meta phu phu” sounding. When I first contacted Sandy, I was at my rock bottom. My sister, with whom I am very close, died earlier that year after a 17-month battle with cancer. I’d gained weight and was feeling really tired and unmotivated. I was ready to start the anti-depressants again. “Between the EFT and her common sense advice I’m starting to feel like a new person. I’ve started exercising (moderately for now), I’ve started Yoga (gently), I’m not so tired anymore. I’m starting to feel hopeful that I’m going to be strong, healthy, and happy again – soon. I highly recommend Sandy.”

“I’ve lost over 60lbs!”

testimonial iconBefore I worked with Sandy I had a lot of trouble with cravings and binging on comfort foods. I was at my highest weight and depressed. Now I’m handling emotions better and… I’m able to take action in a way that works for me instead of struggling. I used to rely a lot on what others would tell me about what was “right” to eat, and now I listen to my own body and follow that instead. And it works…I’ve lost 18 pounds and I’m feeling GREAT! I’m motivated and it feels really good.” [6 months after writing the above, Terri sent me this]: “I’ve gone through several holidays and birthdays and other food events, and at each of these events, I have eaten as I wished. I felt great and was perfectly happy to flow easily back in to my general eating plan without any rebounding or cravings after the events were over. This stuff would have been my downfall, until now. I was never able to eat a little bit of what I consider “bad food”. . .it had to be all or nothing. “Thank you for helping me to have this control over food. This has brought me sanity and the ability to enjoy food again. To date I have taken off 60 lbs! I still have more that I will be taking off. I know that I will get there and, this time, stay there!!!” — Terri

No more diets. No more being jerked around by food or cravings. No more binge eating or reaching for those comfort foods anytime you feel emotional or tired. No more waiting for to go for your dreams and purpose until you lose the weight. You deserve to be happy, joyful, fully self-expressed and living your dreams NOW not someday.

Joy, love, happiness and fulfillment come FIRST and then watch as weight is no longer a needed hiding place and refuge.

I’ve worked with professional artists and performers, high profile celebrities and executives and they all have one thing in common: self critique and obsession with body image and weight even though they have achieved so much in their lives. They can’t understand why they are still stuck with food. It’s the challenge that just won’t go away no matter how much they achieve.

What if you aren’t STUCK?

What if there are just old beliefs that you no longer need that are in the way? Weight and food it turns are direct links for us as women into self worth and authentic success. Authentic success is what brings you the most JOY and yes money, but money follows joy and love for us. Sure, we may achieve some success, maybe a lot of success in our careers but are we happy? If not, or if there is something more you are dreaming of… it’s no accident you are here. I believe that the authentic success many women want includes a loving relationship and work we deeply value and feel is of service.

It is not “success” to make a lot of money but feel empty inside about what we are doing or that it doesn’t truly live up to what we want to give to the world or to be totally stressed out and feel down on ourselves because we’ve gained weight. It is not success if we don’t have deep and fulfilling relationships.

We need balance, harmony, peace and self worth to have authentic success in our lives. So how do we get there?

First, I want you to stop wasting your precious time and energy focusing on food and weight! This is about you taking your life back so you can have more of who you really are, more energy, more love, more joy and authentic success in your dreams and purpose. The transformational audio available to you here will help you to get started doing this now.

It’s about love Goddesses. Let go of stress, old outdated beliefs and love yourself and watch as your whole world changes.

It’s the ripple effect and quantum leap that the world needs now- women truly loving ourselves and giving up the old paradigm of shame about our bodies. Isn’t it time? It’s easier than you think because YOU are already a Goddess! I am merely your Spiritual Detective to help you quickly and effortlessly clear out the shame, blame and negative stories in the way.

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All My Love,

Alexandra Zeldes Klein

Your Eat Like A Goddess Mentor, Spiritual Detective & Spiritual Cowgirl

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