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If you are ready to have a massive transformation in how you see yourself, your body, food and your life and are ready to invest in yourself to create a quantum leap, Sandy can help you to overcome the blocks that have held you back until now.
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Quick tips, resources, best kept secrets and inspiration for loving your body, loving yourself and loving food while letting go of stress, overwhelm and the negative thinking that blocks success.

Discover the best kept secrets and cutting edge tools from a professional chef, expert nutritionist and EFT practitioner who will never tell you what NOT to do but how to LOVE food and stop eating with restriction and fear.

I feel my soul and my heart opening in new and positive ways. I’m a lot kinder to myself and accepting which is huge. I’ve started doing new creative stuff like drawing groups, guitar lessons, other creative outlets, spiritual and personal development groups that I LOVE, I’ve made new positive friends and I feel super supported…. It’s amazing because I felt totally shut down, closed off, and isolated before. I started going back to my yoga studio which I hadn’t been able to do at all before too. Interestingly I recently went back home to visit family where there is a lot of food and drinking and normally I would just participate in all of that and over-indulge but I just realized that I didn’t do that this time. It was totally new for me to not do that. I didn’t think about it, I just didn’t over-indulge. And I also just realized that it’s been weeks since I’ve binged!! I felt overwhelmed, stuck and hidden before and now I feel super inspired and motivated!! I just wanted to offer my most heartfelt THANK YOU to you for doing this work. You are helping change lives! What I am experiencing right now is nothing short of Divine, and I have you to thank for facilitating the movement. May all your clients be as blessed as I in breaking away from their old, tired stories, and finding their dreams! Yours in celebration, Ziza (Eliza :)) college Student

I was so exhausted I couldn’t exercise and felt I couldn’t seem to take action, I was too busy. I also struggled with emotional eating my whole life and had no control over sugar cravings. Whenever there was emotional instability I would eat emotionally. I also had a hard time making healthy choices or being balanced with food. After around 4 weeks I now have lost 10 lbs. and am not eating emotionally! I’m making healthy choices because I want to and best of all I am no longer tired all the time, am exercising regularly and have lots of energy!

Jennifer Molloy

General Mgr, Microsoft, WA

After working with Sandy, I feel much more supported, less all alone, am experiencing a greatly improved relationship with my husband, much better boundaries with my mom, am eating cleaner and resisting that less. I have much more of a desire to nurture myself with food instead of rebelling and taking things out on myself with negative eating patterns. After 27 years of this food disorder and struggle, I am relieved to have less of a grip for the need for food. I am calm and relaxed more and when not feeling that way, have lots of tools that work for me. I am listening to my needs and myself now more. My binging and obsessing about food has decreased dramatically. When I fall off the eating that is best for my body, it can be hard to get back on, but I do. The instances where I fall off are more rare. I am more proactive with meal planning and it doesn’t feel impossible now like it did before. I am much less negative about how I am thinking about food. I no longer feel I have to hurt myself this way with food. I’ve lost 10 lbs and some of the bloating, which made me feel much better about myself and how I look in my clothes. Thanks, Sandy!

TG, Madison, Wisconsin Spiritual Business Coach

In the last 3 months of working with you I’ve lost 1 1/2 clothing sizes, I’m soooo much more inspired and energized. Difficult work situations that stressed me out no longer do… and nobody there has changed but I have changed how I feel! What is great working with you is that you really go get what is the real deal inside and get quickly into the core of the problem. The layers are pealed away one by one to find that things are really as simple as you can think they should be. I find it fantastic how you can go in on my energy and ask what is really the problem. I feel enlightened and more aware of what my issues really are. I find it mysterious when you release the different things that have been built up. I feel much better since I have worked with you and realize that all my problems are self made because of the built up of walls of protection since my childhood. I am looking forward to doing so much more work with you and progress into a better being for myself and the people who surround me. I am very happy to have met you. Oh, and by the way, as a side benefit of all the emotional clearing work.. my 20 year problem with back pain is gone!! Kisses,



Professional Celebrity Make-up Artist

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