Stuck & frustrated trying to end emotional eating, addictive cravings and take off a few extra pounds?

Finally, discover what you need now to clear subconscious blocks to weight loss so you can move forward in your life and be at peace with food and your body.



Dear Friend, You’re in the right place if you dream of having…

  • A new and improved knowledge of what to eat and why that is not about the latest trend but about your own intuition
  • A natural ability to stay at whatever weight is right for you, loving yourself first so you can come into balance and peace with your body once and for all
  • The freedom and flexibility to enjoy your life and stop obsessing about food and dieting daily!
  • The ability to live out your true purpose and passion without constantly holding yourself back and lacking confidence to move forward

But you might be feeling overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated trying to lose weight and fighting with will-power to stick to a diet plan that you hate. Your diet and alternative methods from law of attraction to NLP to EFT is NOT constantly attracting results with your health and especially with your weight…in fact it’s not doing much for you at all and you are starting to think it doesn’t work, or you don’t work! You’re working too hard for nothing — and you’re tired of spending so much time in the gym and eating lettuce and starving yourself. You’re sick of fighting off cravings and never having enough confidence and motivation to do the things you are really passionate about (but maybe fear right now) from dating to pursuing that dream job or next level in your business that you desire. You know it’s only going to get harder if you keep living this way. I know what you’re going through, and you’re not alone! I help women like you lose weight, end life-long conflicted relationships with food and their bodies and grow in their work and true passions while trying less.

My team and I would love to help you get started with a complimentary Total Goddess Transformation Assessment.

Sandy-Zeldes-Eat-Like-A-GoddessWhen you apply for a complimentary Total Goddess Transformation Assessment, you’ll get the chance to speak with me or someone on my team personally. Together you’ll take a close look at your diet and health goals. We have an experienced eye and can help you spot WHY you’re not getting the weight loss results you want. We will help you understand what could be stopping you from attracting your ideal weight or being at peace with food and re-gaining self confidence to move forward in your life. We will make a professional recommendation for what you need next to…

  • End food obsession, emotional eating and kick sugar and food cravings permanently (instead of through using will-power)
  • Know what to eat that is right for you and avoid diet trends and constant food confusion
  • Lose weight naturally without having to be at war with food and your body to do it
  • Attract your goals- weight loss, health, confidence to move forward- instead of staying in struggle constantly with them
  • Discover your own inner connection to a higher resource than your immediate conscious mind which has you stuck in a constant battle with food
  • Clarify your true purpose that you are moving towards and come out of a subconscious need to stay safe on some level

The intention for the Assessment Session is to clarify your vision for where you want to be and set you in motion with specific steps to help you meet your goals. Please apply only if you’re 100% committed to losing weight, are serious about doing what it takes now, are actively seeking expert one-on-one support and have listened to Sandy’s free audio training to understand the scope of the work that we offer. Please be advised that programs working with Sandy one-on-one start at $5,000.  If this does not fit your budget, please stay on the newsletter list to learn about other low cost options and courses that may be offered.

Enter your information in the secure form below (step 1) and on the following page to complete your application (step 2). Our team will contact you within 1-3 business days to schedule your session if your application is approved.

I look forward to your supporting you in your success with health goals!


Your Eat Like A Goddess Mentor

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“Hi Sandy, I had a lot of “aha” moments recently and began to take off the weight…”

I just wanted to share with you how I am doing after the last call we had. I had a lot of aha moments and I must have done a lot of releasing, because finally I was able to lose some of the weight that I had gained in these past three weeks. Again, I did not change my diet, and the only difference from the previous weeks was that I’ve been more gentle with my body (I even allowed myself to take a rest from exercise – the previous two weeks I was doubling up my workout sessions because I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t gain any more weight). But this week has been different and I’ve been feeling more at peace. I still weigh myself daily, but that’s okay.

I am listening to the previous recordings and I am taking more notes. I am also tapping on a daily basis.

Thank you, Sandy, for all your support.


Oakland, CA

“No more making myself sick with cookie dough!”

“Friday was a big day for me – ’twas my annual cookie baking day. In years past, I would’ve made myself sick with dough and cookies but this year was completely different. There was no frenzy around needing to taste the dough or shove cookies in…I was super calm and almost subdued…

So whatever work we’ve done has has an impact – and I’m woot- wooting all over the place!”

Stacey V

San Jose, CA

“I’ve never felt this much of a change and I’ve worked with a lot of great practitioners”

“I’ve never felt this much of a change and I’ve worked with all kinds of energy healers even other EFT practitioners. This is really different. I can really feel the difference. I feel lighter, freer, open to so much more possibility and the neat thing is that I don’t feel a dependency on you like you have to do it for me. You give me lots of tools I can use for myself and I feel like my own best healer. I so respect you and I love you so much. I’m referring several people to you, I can’t speak highly enough about this work. It’s about everything, not just about the food. It’s about my life, my vision, living my dreams. THANK YOU.”


Sculptor Tiburon, CA

“I’ve lost the weight and love looking in the mirror now”

“I can’t believe how scared I was to get started working with you. I simply didn’t believe that I could be successful at this when I hadn’t been in the past but that is EXACTLY why I was successful this time I think because this was so different than anything I’d tried before. I’d been focused on all the wrong things maybe. When I tapped for everything but the food it all turned around for me. I had out of control cravings when we started and now its a ZERO, even when I’m upset! I’m consistently losing weight not from a “diet” but from eating the way I need to that feels right to me. I’m not obsessing much or thinking about it, it’s just coming off. But best of all I’m refocused on what is important to me in my life. I feel very positive instead of in a downward spiral with negative thinking. I even had this really bad victim way of thinking and the past kept repeating itself. Not anymore. I’m handling situations that would have totally thrown me off before, with a lot more ease. I’m looking forward to what comes next instead of fearing moving forward in my life. My confidence is so much higher now, I can’t wait. Thank you so much!”

Kalena, Texas

“I never thought it would really be possible for me to STOP focusing on food… but I HAVE”

“I always thought there would have to be a charge around food, or it would always be difficult but I would just get better at handling it. That was my goal. When you said “no, it doesn’t have to be this way at all” I didn’t believe it, but now after working with you I can have something and not feel guilty about it and food just isn’t an issue in my life. I don’t spend my whole day focused on thinking about food, I think about ok, what is next for me. Which is my dreams and my business…. and how I was holding myself back in a MAJOR way. Now I’m in action, I’m doing it and in a way that works for me.”


Relationship and Success Coach

“Lost 4 pounds in the past two weeks, no cravings… first time in 10 YEARS! Amazing.”

“It’s funny but I just realized that I haven’t been eating at all at night now or having my normal cravings during the day and oh, a side note- I lost 4 lbs in the last two weeks. I haven’t had no cravings or been able to lose weight without thinking about it like this in 10 years!!! And I didn’t even realize it because I’ve been so NOT focused on food or my body the last few weeks. Amazing. You are right. It isn’t about the food at all, it’s about everything else…”


“I’m at total choice with food now- done binging”

“I have been totally obsessed with food and eaten sugar every day and after almost every meal for most of my life… I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to not need the food or be at work and not want everything in the lunch room every day. No way. Now I don’t even think about the food. I’m not craving anything. All the need for the sweets is GONE. I’m at total choice with food. I feel… so free… and peaceful it is simply amazing. I’m also really realizing now how much power I have over my reality. All of the same situations and people are in my life and I just feel different. Thank you.”


Yes! I would like to apply for a complimentary Assessment with Sandy!

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