Recipe- Sandy’s Moroccan Lamb Stew 



1 lb. lamb stew meat, chopped into 2 ” cubes

2 TBSP garam masala spice mix (you can find this spice mix at almost any grocery store. If you have never heard of it, don’t worry, it is there usually!)

1 TBSP dried yellow curry spice mix

Zest of one lemon

1 cup prunes

2 large carrots chopped large dice (around same size as meat or a bit smaller)

1 medium onion, chopped ”

1 cup spicy Zinfandel wine or other flavorful, full bodied fruity red wine you enjoy. You will taste the wine, so don’t use “cooking wine” that you would not want to drink. Nothing more false has ever been said about wine and cooking. Yuck. I always cook with wines I love to drink. You’re just using a small amount, so go for it.

1 cup chicken stock (always use un-salted)

1 TBSP sea salt




1. Prepare all of the above ingredients and set asside.

2. Heat a stew pot large enough for all ingredients with oil. I prefer to use unprocessed coconut oil as it withstands high heat cooking.

3. Brown meat gently on all sides. Only put a few pieces of meat in pan at a time so as not to lower heat. Take your time browing the meat as this is a big part of the flavor of the stew. Brown the meat in batches and set into a bowl.

4. After meat is browned return to pan with all ingredients and cook on low heat until tender. Time for this is dependent upon the size you cut the meat. Lamb cooks much faster than beef so just test it as you are cooking. I would estimate around 45 minutes.

5. Add stock and other chosen liquids as needed. If you like a milder taste for the wine double the amount of stock to wine ratio.

6. Garnish with either cilantro- my favorite for this- or basil. You can serve the stew with white jasmine rice too if you like or serve it without and use a great crunchy sourdough bread instead, or go grain free here. Your choice.

Bon Apetite!


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