I was watching a movie that I love recently that is a new take on the hero’s journey that is the King Arthur legend, The Legend of The Sword.  The take away for me is the very last minutes of the movie where the Arthur character played by Charlie Hunnam says to his adversary at the end after a lifetime of being at the adverse effect of him;

“Now I understand you. You make sense of the devil. You made me and for that… I bless you.”

All the hardship, all the horrors, all the challenges… were his journey to becoming KING. Not just a king, but THE King. A King that would unite the land. A king that can heal all and bring people together. A truly miraculous great King.

The greater the challenge… the greater the opportunity.

This is called the hero’s journey, or for us women, the heroine’s journey.

Food is that for us many times. The adversary that just kicks our behinds over and over… food and body image until we meet the “devil” and defeat it with… love. For ourselves. For our stories.

You see that devil makes us who we are. All the brutal defeats, negative beliefs and wounds give us a deeper self awareness and purpose when we face and heal it.

The drama with food and our bodies gives us enough dissatisfaction to begin to look for another way… to look for healing. The food and even weight are just symptoms of our lives not working for us in some significant way. It can be the catalyst that get’s us the help we need to transform.

How does this work? The pain is so great with struggling that we start looking for answers… we want to “awaken” and come to peace. When we first start the journey it never seems like it is about anything but weight loss. But as we walk, it is about so much more! It’s about everything else! It is about living the life we imagine instead of hiding out from it…

Here are just a few key blocks that weight is really about:

  1. Unresolved emotional stress, even if you’ve done OA, therapy, EMDR, other tapping sessions, Geneen Roth, endless books and programs, and have tons of awareness about what is going on.
  2. Self defeating chronic negative thinking, whether you are aware of it or not it takes the over-all form of “why bother, I can’t do it anyway, I’m a failure, I suck, etc.”
  3. Unresolved body image wounding.  This will never be solved from the conscious mind and knowing enough about this issue. It’s not an intellectual problem. For example, knowing about how skewed body image is in our culture will NEVER change how awful we feel about how we look from the inside and all the harsh self critique until we actually release the trauma around body image at a deep subconscious level.

Stop beating yourself up for not getting it “right” yet. It’s not a problem that goes away without a much deeper solution that has everything to do with the subconscious mind and a longer term approach. There is no quick fix to this and when we commit to our own heroine’s journey… the possibilities are living in our highest potential. Feeling like a the Queen in our own lives. The Goddess that we are.

This can look like healing relationships, leaving relationships, or creating much more fulfilling new ones- many of my clients either rekindle their love lives with their partners or go on to find the greatest love of their lives. I know. It sounds impossible right? But it happens with pretty much every single client who had an issue in an relationship if they work with me over time.

It can also look like making a lot more money, doing less, being more creative and going after a dream sometimes that they never even knew they had but that comes naturally after clearing up the subconscious blocks.

It looks most of all like ease in their own skin and comfort finally. Peace with food. No more diets. (No, really.) Not jumping on a new bandwagon but listening to your own needs. Being able to stick to whatever plan you choose because it’s  not about punishment or addictive needs but about feeling good.

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