I have something very controversial to report to you Goddesses.

There is a diet I have discovered that will change your life. Yes, it is true.

This diet will heal inflammation, possibly lower blood sugar or not cause it to rise at the very least and stimulate insulin year after year contributing to diabetes and metabolic syndrome, help to heal the over-burdened liver which is a key to healing everything else, lower acidity in the body, decrease pain and arthritic conditions and possibly even keep you from having to go on blood pressure medication, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, heart medication, etc. It will keep you out of the doctors office and trust me, you don’t want a life of dealing with doctors, surgeries, painful health conditions and disability and that is where food issues will lead if we don’t finally heal them.

But this diet will never work for you if you don’t actually do it.

And there you have it- the culmination of many years of working with people with food, nutrition, integrative health, and emotional stress.

It’s kind of like this. Take an encyclopedic lifetime of knowledge about food, diets, nutrition and wellness and it’s useless. Totally and utterly useless without implementation right?

Now I could get super depressed about this fact (which I did years ago when I first started my practice because I desperately wanted to “help” people and I thought I’d finally found the keys to the kingdom) or I could accept that emotions, stress and beliefs are the cause of absolutely everything we do.

We primarily make decisions about how we eat based on our core beliefs about ourselves, food, our bodies and our lives, not based on what is “good” for us.

Here is the proof. After handling the major contributors to stress in their lives and core beliefs my clients will give up binging and feeling deprived if they have to give up all the junk foods (trust me, nobody is binging on broccoli.)  After we do this work, what do you know? The best anti-inflammatory, alkaline, metabolic healing diets work perfectly for them just like they always do. Check out their stories here: Stories of women just like you

The problem was never the food it was our beliefs about it.

To sum it all up, yes in fact there is a diet that will absolutely unequivocally and permanently support, nurture, heal and transform the body but will we do it?

The only work to do is on releasing where it stems from, and this my friends is not a quick fix but it is a cure.

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