Sandy works with women who are successful in so many areas of their lives but feel stuck with food and that are committed to change no matter what it takes. You don’t have to know how to do this. In fact, trying to change it often backfires for so many! No diet or exercise program or even well intentioned alternative healing methods will work without truly addressing subconscious blocks first (please see the free audio that discusses this here: The 3 components to a successful and permanent weight loss strategy and how to implement them immediately into your life.)  Many of Sandy’s clients are professional women who, though they are successful in many areas of their lives, still know there is something more and want to break through their own inner glass ceilings and feel “stuck” when it comes to food. Often the very same blocks to success with food are holding the keys to self expression on a much greater level in their lives and work as well.

This work leads to incredible breakthroughs in career, income and relationships as well because it is not about dieting and the external behavior but about the internal stress and belief systems that are creating the problem. At Eat Like A Goddess, we see the behaviors as symptoms- not “problems” to be fixed.

Here are just a few of the examples from committed program clients~

“Sandy, I’m now making 78% more than I ever have in my life now, and have a job that feels tailor made for me in many ways that I never believed possible for me. I’ve also lost the 10 pounds. I have you to thank for it!!”

“I got a better book contract with more money, with editors who let me be even more creative than the first had allowed for and my book is now a New York Times best seller! It was unbelievable that this would happen. I lost all the weight too… (40 lbs) and regained my health besides and have kept it off. I love you and I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I had almost zero clients my first year in business… I didn’t know why. I felt like it was an expensive hobby. I had been over-eating all my life I guess unconsciously but not knowing why too. It was fascinating to me that the eating was connected to my ability to create what I wanted in my new business. Without even talking about the food OR my business really… we ended up healing BOTH! I now have regular clients every month — that pay me!- and I’ve not only lost the weight (about 20 lbs or so) but I don’t even think about it anymore. I can’t believe it but it really was never about the food or the weight just like you said.”

If you are ready right now in your life to get support one on one with an expert in the field to work through the subconscious causes to this food issue and breakthrough to success in every area of your life fill out the form below.

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