“I can’t believe how scared I was to get started working with you. I simply didn’t believe that I could be successful at this when I hadn’t been in the past but that is EXACTLY why I was successful this time I think because this was so different than anything I’d tried before. I’d been focused on all the wrong things maybe. When I tapped for everything but the food it all turned around for me. I had out of control cravings when we started and now its a ZERO, even when I’m upset! I’m consistently losing weight not from a “diet” but from eating the way I need to that feels right to me. I’m not obsessing much or thinking about it, it’s just coming off. But best of all I’m refocused on what is important to me in my life. I feel very positive instead of in a downward spiral with negative thinking. I even had this really bad victim way of thinking and the past kept repeating itself. Not anymore. I’m handling situations that would have totally thrown me off before, with a lot more ease. I’m looking forward to what comes next instead of fearing moving forward in my life. My confidence is so much higher now, I can’t wait. Thank you so much!”

Kalena, Texas

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