I have let go of so much anger and resentment that it has freed me
up to be more loving and kind and present in all my relationships.
I have let go of so much self loathing, that it has allowed me to
think about what I am capable of beyond just surviving.
It has helped me start to feel genuine forgiveness for my parents
and look at them more as wounded souls than as monsters.
It has helped me forgive myself for the damage I have done to my
body with food and for the years I have spent miserable and scared.
Because of that, I have started to feel like a grown-up instead of a
wounded child, which has allowed me to make choices about what I eat
 and how I treat myself and how I allow others to treat me because I
can act instead of react. I don’t have to react out of fear. I can
take my time and decide what the next step is.

It has definitely given me a greater sense of spirituality and
feeling of oneness with everything and everyone around me:-)

I think that if I had gotten even one of the things listed above out
of our work together, I would be satisfied, so to get all of them,
makes me feel truly blessed and grateful.

I really can’t think of anything that I would change about the work
we have done. It seems like every time I dialed into a call, I heard
exactly what I needed to hear and what I was ABLE to hear at the time.
I think things came to me as I was ready to hear them:-)
Thank You So Much,

Stay at home mom and expert quilt maker

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