Although Sandy cannot guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of someone using EFT or coaching to help end sugar cravings, emotional eating, and dieting, Sandy brings all of her skills and talents to help her clients achieve the best results possible.

The following testimonials are what Sandy’s clients had to say about their own results with working with her.

I was so scared to get started working with you because I had been struggling and wasn’t sure I could do it. I’ve been so food obsessed but now I can’t even imagine it! I don’t even think about food…

Before we started I was so scared. I’d tried EFT, other nutritionists, therapists, and 12 step groups before working with Sandy. But nothing worked and some made my problems worse. I was frustrated and stuck and I didn’t trust myself to make good decisions in any area of my life, not just in food and health. My eating pattern was to restrict for weeks, then go crazy and binge. I was obsessed with food. I fantasized about it and feared it in equal measure. I was always starving or stuffed but I was never satisfied. Food was a punishment or a reward but it was never ever plain old nourishment. Not only was I clueless about what to eat to feel good, I didn’t believe I deserved to feel good.
And that was my reality.
I never felt good about myself no matter what I did. I would drive myself really hard, working, dieting, exercising, until, literally, my knees gave out. Then I felt like a failure – in work, school, relationships, and my weight. Even the fact that I needed support felt like a weakness, like what was wrong with me that I needed it?
When I learned about Sandy, I was excited but scared and skeptical at the same time. What if this was just another failure to add to my list?
And yet in just a matter of weeks, I’ve begun to feel at peace with food and my body. The constant thinking about food and the obsession with weight and the fears and frustration are gone! I can’t even imagine it right now! For the first time in years, I feel like I’m eating like a normal person. Better yet, the motivation is coming from within. From a desire to be good to myself rather than a belief that I have to eat in order to be a certain weight or I have to binge in order to reward OR punish myself. It feels good and normal and fun to eat and I naturally balance food based on what my body wants not what my mind thinks I should have.
After years, the fear is gone. I feel happy, grateful, and fulfilled. Truly full.


M. Espano

Chicago, IL

Hi Sandy, I had a lot of “aha” moments recently and began to take off the weight…

I just wanted to share with you how I am doing after the last call we had.  I had a lot of aha moments and I must have done a lot of releasing, because finally I was able to lose some of the weight that I had gained in these past three weeks.  Again, I did not change my diet, and the only difference from the previous weeks was that I’ve been more gentle with my body (I even allowed myself to take a rest from exercise – the previous two weeks I was doubling up my workout sessions because I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t gain any more weight).  But this week has been different and I’ve been feeling more at peace.  I still weigh myself daily, but that’s okay.
I am listening to the previous recordings and I am taking more notes.  I am also tapping on a daily basis.
Thank you, Sandy, for all your support.

Oakland, CA

No more making myself sick with cookie dough!

“Friday was a big day for me – ’twas my annual cookie baking day. In years past, I would’ve made myself sick with dough and cookies but this year was completely different. There was no frenzy around needing to taste the dough or shove cookies in…I was super calm and almost subdued…

So whatever work we’ve done has has an impact – and I’m woot- wooting all over the place!”

Stacey V, San Jose, CA

Stacey V

San Jose, CA

I’ve never felt this much of a change and I’ve worked with a lot of great practitioners

“I’ve never felt this much of a change and I’ve worked with all kinds of energy healers even other EFT practitioners. This is really different. I can really feel the difference. I feel lighter, freer, open to so much more possibility and the neat thing is that I don’t feel a dependency on you like you have to do it for me. You give me lots of tools I can use for myself and I feel like my own best healer. I so respect you and I love you so much. I’m referring several people to you, I can’t speak highly enough about this work. It’s about everything, not just about the food. It’s about my life, my vision, living my dreams. THANK YOU.”

Danielle, Sculptor

Tiburon, CA

I’ve lost the weight and love looking in the mirror now

“I can’t believe how scared I was to get started working with you. I simply didn’t believe that I could be successful at this when I hadn’t been in the past but that is EXACTLY why I was successful this time I think because this was so different than anything I’d tried before. I’d been focused on all the wrong things maybe. When I tapped for everything but the food it all turned around for me. I had out of control cravings when we started and now its a ZERO, even when I’m upset! I’m consistently losing weight not from a “diet” but from eating the way I need to that feels right to me. I’m not obsessing much or thinking about it, it’s just coming off. But best of all I’m refocused on what is important to me in my life. I feel very positive instead of in a downward spiral with negative thinking. I even had this really bad victim way of thinking and the past kept repeating itself. Not anymore. I’m handling situations that would have totally thrown me off before, with a lot more ease. I’m looking forward to what comes next instead of fearing moving forward in my life. My confidence is so much higher now, I can’t wait. Thank you so much!”

Kalena, Texas

I never thought it would really be possible for me to STOP focusing on food… but I HAVE

“I always thought there would have to be a charge around food, or it would always be difficult but I would just get better at handling it. That was my goal. When you said “no, it doesn’t have to be this way at all” I didn’t believe it, but now after working with you I can have something and not feel guilty about it and food just isn’t an issue in my life. I don’t spend my whole day focused on thinking about food, I think about ok, what is next for me. Which is my dreams and my business…. and how I was holding myself back in a MAJOR way. Now I’m in action, I’m doing it and in a way that works for me.” Elizabeth, Relationship and Success Coach

Denver, CO

Lost 4 pounds in the past two weeks, no cravings… first time in 10 YEARS! Amazing.

“It’s funny but I just realized that I haven’t been eating at all at night now or having my normal cravings during the day and oh, a side note- I lost 4 lbs in the last two weeks. I haven’t had no cravings or been able to lose weight without thinking about it like this in 10 years!!! And I didn’t even realize it because I’ve been so NOT focused on food or my body the last few weeks. Amazing. You are right. It isn’t about the food at all, it’s about everything else…” LM

My stomach is already flatter after our first session…

I wanted to talk to you right after we worked together to tell you that my stomach is already flatter…Everything in my life is better, I just had the best day of my life.. I was excited like a little kid. It was awesome. Did we really just clear this blockage? Anyways I feel good, so thank you so much. Heather

I can now make free choices about what I eat and have food freedom

I have let go of so much anger and resentment that it has freed me up to be more loving and kind and present in all my relationships.
I have let go of so much self loathing, that it has allowed me to think about what I am capable of beyond just surviving.
It has helped me start to feel genuine forgiveness for my parents and look at them more as wounded souls than as monsters.
It has helped me forgive myself for the damage I have done to my body with food and for the years I have spent miserable and scared.
Because of that, I have started to feel like a grown-up instead of a wounded child, which has allowed me to make choices about what I eat and how I treat myself and how I allow others to treat me because I can act instead of react. I don’t have to react out of fear. I can take my time and decide what the next step is.

It has definitely given me a greater sense of spirituality and feeling of oneness with everything and everyone around me:-)

I think that if I had gotten even one of the things listed above out of our work together, I would be satisfied, so to get all of them, makes me feel truly blessed and grateful.

I really can’t think of anything that I would change about the work we have done. It seems like every time I dialed into a call, I heard exactly what I needed to hear and what I was ABLE to hear at the time. I think things came to me as I was ready to hear them:-)

Thank You So Much, Sharon:-)

Stay at home mom and expert quilt maker, Texas

I was on a path to go one way… and doing the work with you has literally lifted me up and taken me in the right direction…

“You know what Sandy… you cleared this… it’s like. I was really on this path to go one way (into a downward spiral with weight) and working with you has literally lifted me up and moved me in another direction. It’s fantastic. Everything in my life was telling me I was going to go this way and in one moment I’ve been able to totally shift it to go in a totally different experience. It’s fantastic because this is where I wanted to go. It’s just amazing to me that life is this phenomenal… so much out there to help us in our journey and our path toward joy! It’s truly amazing. Thank you so much.” Kathryn B

Sacramento, CA

Lifelong anxiety lifted! Wow.

“I would get these insane panic attacks that would seem to come on out of nowhere. I never understood it. I’ve always had it. Just this constant anxiety and I wouldn’t be able to eat. I’d almost starve myself when I’d be in these states, sometimes for weeks on end. I feel so amazing now and free. It’s easy to eat now and I feel happy. Even though there are extremely difficult life changes happening right now, I feel like I am able to come back to my center and deal with it, whereas before that truly felt difficult to impossible. There is a centeredness now that I didn’t have before, again even in the midst of challenges and change that used to really upset me and de-stabilize me. What an amazing difference. Thank you so much!” EE

Psychotherapist, San Francisco, Ca

Things are fun again and I am desiring to eat healthy and motivated….

“Things are fun again. I’m doing things I really want to do again and getting enjoyment out of them. I have actually wanted to cook, I’ve even looked up recipes to make. I’m shopping for foods. I was in front of the chocolate recently and realized I wasn’t interested. Hmmm… this is really really different. Before I was like, why bother, who cares, this isn’t going to work, nothing ever has. I was very negative, defeated and depressed. Now I’m so motivated I can’t believe it. I’m doing things I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it’s easy, natural and fun.” Gina

Mom & Rodeo Queen, Missouri

No more making myself sick with cookie dough!

“Friday was a big day for me – ’twas my annual cookie baking day. In years past, I would’ve made myself sick with dough and cookies but this year was completely different. There was no frenzy around needing to taste the dough or shove cookies in…I was super calm and almost subdued…

So whatever work we’ve done has has an impact – and I’m woot- wooting all over the place!”

Stacey V, San Jose, CA

Stacey V

San Jose, CA

The lifelong anxiety has lifted now…

‘Sandy helped me heal around the time of my daughter’s death — she pulled a great deal of old family anxiety out, and cleared a path for my own peaceful transition to a new life. I am very grateful to her.” Suzanne Falter

Feeling calm, relaxed and less like I need the food

“I have been having clear communication and been consistently able to express my needs clearly. I speak up, and it’s interesting to see how the more I do, the less I need the food. I feel so much more peaceful and relaxed in general and I’m even getting started with a buiness idea I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. That feels great. I never thought I should take the time for myself before to do it, and now I most definitely do.” Alyssa

I’m at total choice with food now- done binging

“I have been totally obsessed with food and eaten sugar every day and after almost every meal for most of my life… I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to not need the food or be at work and not want everything in the lunch room every day. No way. Now I don’t even think about the food. I’m not craving anything. All the need for the sweets is GONE. I’m at total choice with food. I feel… so free… and peaceful it is simply amazing. I’m also really realizing now how much power I have over my reality. All of the same situations and people are in my life and I just feel different. Thank you.” Jackie

I lost 5 lbs in one week!

Its a very big thing for me to feel at peace in my body and even to feel… pretty. I feel really good. I was really stressing about weight and extremely unhappy looking at the scale constantly and now I think maybe there is something else I can focus on! I’m starting to see that now. I might find another way to be in another job, or have more freedom, and many other things… I had gained weight and was staring at the scale watching it closely to see if I would lose any weight but I just gained. After we tapped for that I lost 5 lbs and am still losing weight. Thank you! M M

“I shudder to think where I’d be now if I hadn’t addressed my problems with you…”

I haven’t talked with you for a while, but I’m so grateful for all the help you gave me, that I felt compelled to write you a note of thanks. Many miracles of success have started to occur for me since we worked together. I’ve already reached my investment goal in only a year and a half. I’m still taking baby steps in this new area for myself, and real estate investing is a marathon, not a sprint, but I’m proud that this venture seems to be working out for me. I think this is something I’ll enjoy doing, after I finish teaching school. I still don’t like teaching, but something miraculous happened in this past school year. I began to feel more confidence in myself, and the principal noticed. Before he retired, he assigned me to be part of the school’s “leadership team,” so I am now part of the group that will be instructing the other teachers how to implement the new dictates from Sacramento this year, with the new principal. Go figure! Two years ago, I was crying in my classroom, after school, intimidated by my own students. I still have my rough days, but I feel like I have the “stamp of approval” on my forehead, and that helps me a lot. Thanks to your help, once I realized that the source of my continuing, deep grief for my late husband lay in the fact that I was ridden with guilt, for not having gotten effective help for his alcohol problem, I was able to work on this area of forgiveness. Both through tapping, and through my church, I’ve been able to work through this issue to the point that it doesn’t set me off anymore. In the past, I have been unable to enjoy summer vacations, because having solitude to think has made me very unhappy. I would go over and over the past, and wish I could re-do it. I would go visit my psychic medium and try to connect with my husband, apologizing, and trying to hold on. I have a bad day now and then, but for the most part, I have had a beautiful summer, no sadness. I’ve been working on doing the projects that felt like poison before: organizing my old pictures, newspaper clippings, programs, converting performance videos to dvd, etc. It has been sad at times, but mostly, it has felt like a giant celebration, to re-experience these things from a happy state of mind. It makes me feel proud of my past, instead of regretful and hurt. What a blessing. I have finally been able to do better about staying away from comfort food. Until I felt happier, I “needed” that crutch to help me though my rough days. But, it has been much easier for me now, to exercise, and eat right. This summer, I have lost 12 pounds, and I hope I can just keep going as the school year begins. I know everything is harder then, but my momentum is strong now and I had NONE before… so I’m hopeful. I feel much better physically, just for having lost a little weight, so I don’t want to go back. This makes me feel good about myself, too. For a long time, there was nothing that made me feel positive about me. It feels so good! I still have a long way to go. There are many unfulfilled areas of my life that need my attention, but I have hope that I’ll be able to address those in the near future. The main thing, is that I feel like “my old self” again. I don’t know where she went, but I’m glad she’s back.

Sandy, I know that this whole pivot started, when I began to deal with my own guilt, and lack of forgiveness for self. I remember crying in church, the first Sunday of 2013, during the “healing and dedication” service that they give. I prayed to be able to forgive myself and start fresh this year, and, thanks to the work I did with you last year, that transformation has started. I shudder to think of where I’d be if I hadn’t addressed my problems with you. The work you do is extremely important, it’s just that some people feel so beat up, that it probably takes them a while to begin blossoming again.

I wish I hadn’t been such a slow starter, but I was in such a deep hole when I started working with you, that I remember I could hardly speak to you without crying. I’m so glad to be where I am now.

Thank you, Sandy, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me find myself again.

You are a treasure!

With lots of love, Deanne H

I’ve been doing well and a major shift has been possible since our work together

“I’ve been doing so well… been working on my drawings, eating very healthy, drinking half my weight in water, practically zero sugar (occasionally a bit of dark chocolate) and no caffeine. I feel wonderful. Our work together made space for a major shift in me. I’m forever grateful…”

Love, Mira

The information in the free calls you provided helped me the very same day!

“I have listened to the programs (the free calls) I received . It helped the very same day to begin eating breakfast, and the big wow factor so far is those nagging cravings to eat foods that just cause me to binge more are greatly reduced. I feel there are shifts happening through my day and the information you have given me is playing around in my head..thank you for that. I do feel supported…I needed the EFT for my poor self image, looking forward in making progress there. Thank you for caring.” Margaret

I’ve lost over 12 pounds and am feeling so much more peace

“I have had a peace with food and eating now that I’ve never had before. It’s amazing. I’ve lost 12 pounds without using any willpower or trying at all. I just realized I’m not buying certain foods and don’t even think about it. I was able to have fun at a recent social event and felt like playing with my kids and I didn’t even stress about what I was going to eat. My relationship with my husband is very different now. It was already great but I always had a hard time with intimacy. Now I feel more comfortable with that, which again is amazing! I am feelng good and was actually able to change my facebook profile picture to a picture of myself instead of just my kids. I couldn’t do that before doing the body image work because I didn’t want anyone to see me. I am loving the changes in my life 🙂 Sharon

The voices urging me to eat all the time are gone…

Hi Sandy,

I have a peace inside me now that has been missing for years. The voices urging me to eat all the time are gone. This is such a wonderful feeling. Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to the next steps. I’ve lost 7 pounds and we have only just begun the program. PG

This process is amazing… I’ve already lost 3 lbs… I’m not feeling the need to eat emotionally.

“I am definitely feeling at peace and confident. I’m in an incredibly good mood…The food thing is amazing – I am eating breakfast, then lunch at school – meat, rice, veggies, and then dinner – salad and protein. And I am fine!!!! I don’t crave anything. I made a tomato, basil and cheese salad last night – it was perfect! Am not feeling the need to eat emotionally. Am excited about going to the store this afternoon to just buy veggies and fruit and very little else – some protein. Thought I would go to the fruit stand across the street at lunchtime and stock up on yummy pineapple, banana, avocado and whatever else they have so I have healthy fruit around to snack on. I haven’t thought about doing that EVER!!! I also brought my water bottle to school today – haven’t done that in a while either. I will work on tapping about the wine…..I would like to be drinking less of it. This is a pretty amazing process! BTW – I have lost 3 pounds already!!!” CD

My obsession with food is gone and I’ve lost 40 lbs since our work together…

“I just wanted to let you know that you were the catalyst for tremendous change in my life. My obsession with food is gone. Since Oct 1st, I have lost 40 lbs and my body contiues to drop the weight as I have changed my food choices. I have gone from a size 22W to a size 14 regular, and have approximately 40 lbs more to lose, based on my naturopath’s recommendation.”

Blessings to you. Anonymous, Oregon

I’m doing GREAT. I’ve lost two dress sizes… and the work we did saved my life…

“I am doing GREAT! Last December, I turned 50. I went and bought my very first home this last spring and moved in April with my sweetie (the soulmate of my life that just appeared when working with you!) From our time together, I’ve lost two sizes (18W to a 14W)- that doesn’t seem like much but it really is to me. I’m getting stronger and stronger and feeling incredible. I joined a zumba class- dancing and laughing and hanging out with some very fun ladies- shamelessly shaking our booties :)… and having a great time. This is something Ijust wouldn’t have done before. I really am doing great and I always give you the credit for saving my life and bringing me back to the planet. I am incredibly grateful to you Sandy. I hope all is well in your world. ”

(Side note: when Alane and I began working together she was very depressed, feeling a bit hopeless, had gained over 50 lbs after some very stressful events years previous, couldn’t get herself to stop eating un-healthfully and didn’t feel very motivated to exercise or change habits. All of her relationships were suffering as well as her health. To say she was in the exact opposite state from the above would be an understatement. And most of the great feelings happened BEFORE the weight loss and soulmate arrived I think it is important to note…)

All my love to you, Alane, Montana

I’m actually CRAVING the healthy lunch now…and that is like a miracle

“My cravings have totally decreased. I’m eating nice healthy treats only. I’ve never ever ever EVER been able to do an elimination diet, I mean EVER even in the throws of intense bowel pain and they said oh just try it… no, NEVER. Even when it’s like, hey, this symptom is going on and this might help- no, NEVER. I couldn’t even do it then and I got off the phone with you last time and I was simply able to do it. I WANT the spinach salad for lunch not the subway quick sandwhich. I don’t even have to think about it… Thats the thing. No effort at all. I’m actually CRAVING the healthy lunch now and that is such a big deal for me, I can’t even tell you. And again, it didn’t take any effort. I didn’t think about it. I used to watch people like that who could just walk away from food and I’d be stunned. Now it’s me!!

Also recently I went on a trip and in the past I would have been soooo focused on what I was going to eat and the food and this time I didn’t even think about it. And that has been amazing to me. It wasn’t about the food to me, it was about the day. In the past I would’ve sought out treats. But not this time!

One of my patterns is to overwhelm myself and then I get triggered and binge… and again, not this time. This time, I was able to do it. I mean I can’t begin to tell you how different this is for me. I’m simply amazed. I actually enjoyed myself on the trip and didn’t get triggered by food! All of these experiences are completely new to me and just so different than anything I’ve ever experienced before. Aimee

Life Coach, Minnesota

My soul and heart are opening in new and positive ways! Binges gone…

“I feel my soul and my heart opening in new and positive ways. I’m a lot kinder to myself and accepting which is huge. I’ve started doing new creative stuff like drawing groups, guitar lessons, other creative outlets, spiritual and personal development groups that I LOVE, I’ve made new positive friends and I feel super supported…. It’s amazing because I felt totally shut down, closed off, and isolated before. I started going back to my yoga studio which I hadn’t been able to do at all before too. Interestingly I recently went back home to visit family where there is a lot of food and drinking and normally I would just participate in all of that and over-indulge but I just realized that I didn’t do that this time. It was totally new for me to not do that. I didn’t think about it, I just didn’t over-indulge. And I also just realized that it’s been weeks since I’ve binged!! I felt overwhelmed, stuck and hidden before and now I feel super inspired and motivated!!

I just wanted to offer my most heartfelt THANK YOU to you for doing this work. You are helping change lives! What I am experiencing right now is nothing short of Divine, and I have you to thank for facilitating the movement. May all your clients be as blessed as I in breaking away from their old, tired stories, and finding their dreams!

Yours in celebration, Ziza (Eliza 🙂 )

I feel like a totally new and different person now, and I’ve lost 6 lbs

“I feel so different its like night and day from before when we first started working together. I have several dates lined up and I wasn’t dating at all before, I’m motivated and exercising all the time and couldn’t at all I was so tired and depressed and hopeless. I was recently at a family reunion where I would normally be in a lot of pain and I used to cry in my room, this time I felt totally fine! I was just a ‘normal person’ and I even had fun! I’ve lost about 6 pounds, still have more to go but I’m really on track now in every single way in my life. Thank you so very much. I am eternally grateful.” Deanne H, WA

No cravings or constant hunger and I’ve lost 10lbs in the last 4 weeks

“I was so exhausted I couldn’t exercise and felt I couldn’t seem to take action, I was too busy. I also struggled with emotional eating my whole life and had no control over sugar cravings. Whenever there was emotional instability I would eat emotionally. I also had a hard time making healthy choices or being balanced with food. After around 4 weeks I now have lost 10 lbs. and am not eating emotionally! I’m making healthy choices because I want to and best of all I am no longer tired all the time, am excersing regularly and have lots of energy! Jennifer Molloy

General Mgr, Microsoft, WA

Lost 10 lbs, & binging and obsessing about food has decreased dramatically

“After working with Sandy, I feel much more supported, less all alone, am experiencing a greatly improved lationship with my husband, much better boundaries with my mom, am eating cleaner and resisting that less. I have much more of a desire to nurture myself with food instead of rebelling and taking things out on myself with negative eating patterns. After 27 years of this food disorder and struggle, I am relieved to have less of a grip for the need for food. I am calm and relaxed more and when not feeling that way, have lots of tools that work for me. I am listening to my needs and myself now more. My binging and obsessing about food has decreased dramatically. When I fall off the eating that is best for my body, it can be hard to get back on, but I do. The instances where I fall off are more rare. I am more proactive with meal planning and it doesn’t feel impossible now like it did before. I am much less negative about how I am thinking about food. I no longer feel I have to hurt myself this way with food. I’ve lost 10 lbs and some of the bloating, which made me feel much better about myself and how I look in my clothes. Thanks, Sandy!” -TG

Madison, Wisconsin

I’ve lost 1- 1/2 clothing sizes

In the last 3 months of working with you I’ve lost 1 1/2 clothing sizes, I’m soooo much more inspired and energized. Difficult work situations that stressed me out no longer do… and nobody there has changed but I have changed how I feel! What is great working with you is that you really go get what is the real deal inside and get quickly into the core of the problem. The layers are pealed away one by one to find that things are really as simple as you can think they should be. I find it fantastic how you can go in on my energy and ask what is really the problem. I feel enlightened and more aware of what my issues really are. I find it mysterious when you release the different things that have been built up. I feel much better since I have worked with you and realize that all my problems are self made because of the built up of walls of protection since my childhood. I am looking forward to doing so much more work with you and progress into a better being for myself and the people who surround me. I am very happy to have met you. Oh, and by the way, as a side benefit of all the emotional clearing work.. my 20 year problem with back pain is gone!! Kisses, CW

I’m moving in the right direction now with my goals

I’ve been doing a lot of healing and personal growth work for most of my life but I’ve never felt anything like this. I can really feel a significant difference and feel like I’m actually moving in the direction I want to go in now where as before it was like a big cement wall, unmovable. I feel really really different now and hopeful, not stuck. Thank you. Its a big difference. Now I feel like I have a tool that helps me and supports me to change and grow. Thank you so much. I’m really grateful! R.S.

I’ve stopped binging on ice cream and bread

“It’s a victory to not eat a 1/2 gallon of ice cream at night and the bread all day etc that I binge on.. all my life I’ve been doing this and now its just gone without even trying. I don’t force myself, I just don’t want it. I don’t even think about it. And I’ve lost a few lbs… all in just a few weeks of working with you. Yay!” TG, Olympia, WA

In just a few weeks I’ve slimmed down

“I feel a big difference in my stress level… before I was so constricted and tense and unable to relax at all. This is a very big difference for me to be able to relax at work and in my life even when things are crazy around me. My mind isn’t going like a maniac all the time! And I’ve slimmed down a lot! I feel great. After just a few works of working together I’ve achieved what I’ve never achieved before. Thank you.” CW, New York

Food obsession and body hatred GONE.

“I wanted you to know that I have totally stopped thinking about food obsessively AT ALL. It’s not even a thought in my mind. I’m not obsessed, I have no cravings, I’m not over-eating, its just gone. !! It’s been three weeks or more and nothing. The “evil me” who hates and criticises my body constantly- gone!! I am sleeping good, feel great and don’t think about food like I used to constantly. This is amazing. And it was easy. I didn’t have to force anything. This problem I’ve had for years now is gone.” Seilya

I don’t even think about food at all now!

“I’ve stopped thinking about food obsessively at all… no nightime or dinner time eating issues, I was able to completely stop eating or craving wheat without even trying, and its only been a few weeks. I accomplished all of this without even having to try or think about it. Amazing. I was struggling with exercising, you know it was on my “to do” list for forever, and now last week I exercised every day and enjoyed it! This is exciting progress and in such a short time. I’m really excited.” Dianne, CT

I’ve lost 7.5 lbs in the last two weeks effortlessly!

“It has only been less than two weeks and I’ve lost 7.5 lbs without even trying… this has never happened before. I’m sleeping better without really trying anything new, my energy is MUCH BETTER- I straightened out a counter top that has been literally cluttered since I can’t rememember- and I feel better than I have in a long time… like my old self again. Thank you so much!” LL, Portland, OR

Emotional Eating Gone…

I found Sandy on a web search because I knew I needed help – my emotional eating was spinning out of control (chocolate bar, ice cream and cookies every day) and I had gained 35 pounds (and I’m only 5’2″). I was very low energy and depressed as my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and died less than three months later. I had daily sugar cravings and insomnia off and on. I’d worked with therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, read Geneen Roth’s books and even went to one of her workshops out of town — none of it worked. Now if someone told me my cravings and binges would end in one month after working with Sandy I would’ve said it was impossible. But after four weeks of working with Sandy, the cravings were gone (physical cravings). And then we worked on changing my behavior as well so that not only were my physical cravings gone, but I ended the habit of emotional eating. My energy has returned and my depression has lifted and now I regularly exercise 4 – 6 times a week. I have a renewed vitality and zest for life and I’m feeling better than ever. I give Sandy my highest recommendation! Tamara, San Francisco, CA

I’ve lost 8 pounds…. over Christmas! Not bad…

I lost a few pounds (8 pounds), and that in Christmas season in Germany, not bad at all J, didn’t starve, just ate in the way I have applied since our first calls…and it works!

Thank you Sandy! Josanne Holland

Depression, low energy, anxiety and sleeplessness all are gone now.

“Thanks Sandy! I’ve been really really happy with how working with you is going! My skin is radiant now, I have more energy, motivation, drive and determination to achieve the goals I set out for myself.

You know, it’s hard for me to even remember how I was feeling just a few months ago, I feel so different now. It’s hard to relate to it. I feel really really good. It’s amazing. Just two months ago when I started sessions with you I was extremely depressed, and had been crying basically daily for a few years. I was worried that I had no motivation, my energy was low and I was having some anxiety and sleeplessness problems at times. I’ve wanted to lose some weight also for a while but didn’t really have the drive to do anything about it. Now I’m registered for a half marathon, doing yoga, sleeping well, not crying at all or feeling depressed at all, excited about my life and have so many creative projects I’m working on. I would say every single thing I began sessions to work on are well on their way to being accomplished now. That is really amazing. Thanks Sandy. I really appreciate this. You are really great at what you do! All of this and it’s just 2 months into my program!

I highly to recommend working with you! I want to spread the word.” Megan E.

Oakland, California

I’ve lost 18 pounds and I’m feeling GREAT! PS: 6 Months later and I have lost 60 lbs!!

Before I worked with Sandy I had a lot of trouble with cravings and binging on comfort foods and I was at my highest weight and depressed about that. Now I can tell that I’m handling emotions better and everything else better. I’m able to take action in a way that works for me towards my goals now instead of struggling. I feel differently too, like if I’m unhappy looking in the mirror, I really get it that I need to take care of myself now. I actually WANT to now. I am feeling more able to take positive healthy steps that work for me with my health and weight. I think now “I’m hungry, I need nourishment” and I give myself what I need instead of eating my favorite comfort foods. I’m getting more comfort now out of eating healthy foods than the old comfort foods.

I also used to rely a lot on what others I admired would tell me was “right” to eat, and now I listen to my own body and follow that instead, and it works. I know there is no other authority higher than myself.

And I’ve lost 18 pounds and I’m feeling GREAT! I’m motivated and it feels really good.

(Less than 6 months later Terri sent me this about her success with weight loss as well, and she wanted to add this to her testimonial above.)

PS: we haven’t even discussed weight loss in a long time! The thing I originally told you was the most important thing for me to work on. . .and we haven’t even mentioned it in the longest time! I haven’t missed it! I feel that my diet is about health and that I am always willing to consider the possibility of even healthier options. I feel very in control. I have actively been making effort towards eating healthy and taking the excess weight off . I’ve gone through several holidays and birthdays and other food events. At all of these events I have eaten as I wished, felt great and was perfectly happy to flow easily back in to my general eating plan without any rebounding or cravings after the events were over. . .this stuff would have been my usual sabotage as, until now, I was not able to”eat a little bit bad” sometimes and “super strict” other times. . .it had to be all or nothing. If I swayed, I swayed far and that made me afraid to ever sway and that made me sad and weird. Thank you for helping me to have this control over food. This has brought me sanity and the ability to enjoy food again. To date I have taken off 60 lbs! I still have more that I will be taking off. I know that I will get there and, this time, stay there!!! Terri S

Aspiring Fashion Designer, Hayward Ca

The struggle with food and sugar cravings, gone!

“Sandy has been tireless in helping me with my issues. Her enthusiasm and determination on my behalf has been so inspiring and has helped me to stay focused on my goals when I would otherwise have given up. My out of control sugar cravings are now gone, and my energy level is really great now. I highly recommend Sandy.” Alison W

Actress, Los Angeles

Sugar cravings and self criticism after a lifetime of having them, both gone!

“By the end of just a few sessions I was very excited and surprised to realize I was NOT getting sick which was a first, while being under a lot of stress with work… Sandy has helped me start to untangle the web of self criticism and stress, and she has done it with sensitivity, skill and good humor. Besides helping me with painful emotions, she has helped considerably to curb this client’s liftetime addiction to sweets and in a matter of days no less! This is really amazing. I’m not eating the ice cream at night even after just beginning to implement the few dietary changes you recommended. After just 1 week I noticed that my cravings had stopped, and it continued into the third week as well. I’m feeling steady energy and not snacking either. This is really new for me. Three months out, still feeling amazing and no cravings!” Cindy R

Professional Artist, San Francisco

Motivation and energy return and depression lifts!

“When I contacted Sandy I was in what I think is my rock bottom and was very depressed. My sister had just died and I’d gained weight and I was having a really hard time getting back into working out. I was feeling tired and unmotivated. After only 3 sessions, I’ve started exercising and I’m not so tired anymore and I feel hopeful now that I am going to be ok. I know that I am on my way to feeling better every day, and though I am still sad about what happened, I no longer feel depressed. I highly recommend Sandy.” Suzanne K

Perfoming Artist, San Francisco

Cravings for starchy snacks and sweets, or wine to wind down at night gone!

“I can’t believe that I’m just not even thinking about having my wine or favorite snacks at night now. And we didn’t even talk about taking those things away. I’m just not needing them anymore. Amazing. I feel MUCH more energetic and get through the day better now too. Thanks Sandy. I look forward to working with you again soon!” Danielle K

Performing Artist, San Francisco

Vitality, clear thinking, energy and confidence back almost overnight

“When I first started working with Sandy only two months ago I was barely able to get through the day I had such low energy and a hard time focusing. I also struggled with anxiety, was very sensitive emotionally (which I thought was just my personality) and food cravings. I took a lot of naps and couldn’t get a lot of work done it seemed without being exhausted. I also felt a lack of confidence in client relationships. Working out even mildly would wipe me out. In fact in our first session, I could hardly stay on the phone I was so tired. But after implementing even the first few things that Sandy recommended I was feeling much much better, even the next day! It was amazing. Though there were ups and downs as I was recovering, I began to have my energy back more and more with time. I now can work out without wiping myself out, my clear thinking is back. I feel more confident, even in client relationships, less obsessive and anxious, don’t have food cravings and feel like I did many years ago and my energy is consistently strong throughout the day. In fact I started bringing in big clients during the time I was working with Sandy and I had the energy and confidence to do it! I am so grateful for the support I’ve received from you… it’s made a big difference for me. I was beginning to feel hopeless. I’m referring a few friends to you.” Lynn Rousseau

Executive Coach, Arizona, The Conscious Leader

Sugar cravings and fatigue decrease dramatically, and pounds come off within a few weeks

“Sandy is like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to health! I described my symptoms of sugar cravings, excess weight and fatigue, and she was quick to recommend what she thought would help. And her recommendations worked! Within just a few weeks, most of my symptoms had disappeared! I highly recommend Sandy if you want help with improving your energy, health and well-being.” Sonika T

Meadow Vista, CA

Anxiety lifts after just one session

“EFT coaching with Sandy was wonderful. It was so convenient to talk over the phone in the comfort of my own home. Together, we worked on my issues with anxiety. I felt an immediate relief, with the good effects still around now weeks later. Sandy was great to talk to and helped to ease me into the conversation when I got stuck. She answered questions easily and gave me follow up information by email to look over on my own. I would definitely recommend her! Jean S.

San Francisco, CA

After just one session, Jesseca had significantly less body pain

“Before working with Sandy, I had this vague feeling that the rug would be pulled out from under me in my life, and a sense that I have been in survival mode physically all of my life. It was a sense that my nervous system was on alert and hyper-vigilant ever since I can remember, like I was in a constant “fight or flight” mode.

After just one session, I felt so much more relaxed and like the switch had just been turned off on the over active nervous system. I have significantly less body pain and I feel like something shifted where my body has permission to let go and finally heal. I feel more grounded and at peace with uncertainty and do not feel the perceived glass ceiling anymore- I feel like I have choice and I create my life. I would say I have and continue to develop a powerful new self-awareness and am honoring my body in ways I never allowed (because of that flight or fight hold that was paralyzing me).

And best of all, the feeling of release and relaxation has LASTED now for weeks and keeps getting better!

I have and will continue to recommened Sandy highly to friends and clients.” Jesseca Logan

Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Sonoma

Low energy, difficulty focusing and emotional sensitivity gone!

“Before starting to work with Sandy I suffered from severe allergies, anxiety, cravings for sweets and salty foods, and mood swings. I also had very low energy and difficulty focusing on what I needed to do and felt very emotionally sensitive. To top it off I had started getting acid reflux! I no longer suffer from just about all of these symptoms, definitely not to the degree that I did only 3 months ago, and in fact have gotten off of both my allergy and reflux medication! I am working out more and feeling more motivated as well. Thank you Sandy! ”

I recommend Sandy highly! Kristi A.

Producer, San Francisco

No longer feeling wiped out emotionally after talking to family

“When I first started working with Sandy I was having a very difficult time not having a massive emotional reaction every time I talked to my family. And I do mean, every time… I used to think that I would never be able to deal with them and not be thrown off and angry or upset for weeks afterward! I also thought that if only I could somehow control the situation, I would be ok. I wanted nothing more than to be able to be at peace but I never thought it would be possible. After just 3 sessions with Sandy, I now not only feel more peace, but do not feel triggered by these same circumstances and family members! I do not feel triggered into a painful emotional response after talking with them or wiped out emotionally. It is a huge shift, and something I had never been able to do before. I was even able to go to a family event recently that had me fearful of how much it might wipe me out emotionally… and it not only didn’t wipe me out… I enjoyed myself!” Hilary K.

Landscaper, Walnut Creek

Neck pain and emotional issue significantly reduced!

“When I had my session with Sandy, the left side of my neck had a spreading pain that went all the way through the back of my head. It had been there since my auto accident a few days before. There was also a very strong distress around money and work. It brought tears to my eyes to even think about this struggle and tightness with money in my life. There was a strong sense that the pinching constriction in the neck was just like the flow of money in my life!

After our session the pain in the neck was almost entirely gone and there was a real sense of ease and openness that went through my entire body. Some new possible work has come my way and I’m feeling much more upbeat and positive about it all.” Carla, Oakland, CA