I’m often asked how to make almond milk, and it is so easy and so tasty, there is no reason anyone can’t do it.

All you will need is a very good blender. I recommend investing in a good emulsifying blender like the nutribullet or many others now available on the market. I also like classic cuisinart blenders too. I have several different types.


For the almond milk:

1 cup RAW almonds, soaked over-night in filtered water. Use enough water to cover the almonds and leave extra room for them to expand in. They need to be completely immersed in the water.

4 to 5 cups filtered water

pinch sea salt

1 to 2 teaspoons raw sugar

Vanilla bean to taste


Rinse the soaked almonds thoroughly. You can skin them if you prefer the milk to have no specks of color but it isn’t necessary. I think a little fiber never hurt anyone and often leave them in! Maybe I’m just lazy though. 🙂

Put rinsed soaked almonds in blender, about 1/4 cup at a time with 1 or more cups of water and blend thoroughly. Pour through a sieve or cheese cloth into a pitcher and pat down the mixture to get all of the liquid out. Do this until you have made as much almond milk as you like with the creaminess you desire. I don’t think there are any rules here. You can experiment with how much water you use and how thin you like your almond milk.

Add the sea salt, sugar and vanilla to the final mixture and stir. Add more of whatever you feel it needs to taste.

For a sexy delicious addition:

add a few tablespoons or more of coconut milk to the final mixture


For an even sexier addition

add fresh cacao powder

YUMMMMM…. yes my friend, that’s right, you just found heaven.

almond milk

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