Weight loss for many women is a struggle. Why is that? Often we know what to do, but just can’t get into action doing it. We are addicted to carbs, sugar, wine or other substances that sabotage our best efforts at exercise and eating healthfully. We don’t want to be this way and yet we can’t stop.

There is a good reason for going to food for comfort, reward or relief in some way and often it is subconscious.

Interestingly, any subconscious need to sabotage doesn’t just sabotage our health goals, but our internal wealth paradigm as well often. I am referring to wealth here and not money specifically as wealth is about the energy of abundance in every area as well as financial and it doesn’t infer a specific amount.

Wealth to each of us is a personal experience. For some people feeling wealthy is about having more time to do what they want to do, not a dollar amount, etc. This specifically is related to our sense of self worth it seems in many cases.

Listen to my call with the fantastic Mark Bristow of the UK about Women, Worth and Weight to learn more.


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