There are a few major themes when it come to success in general (whether it be with weight or with career.)

The subconscious mind is all about safety and comfort. We know this and yet we simply cannot control it because, well, it is unconscious to us how it operates. We also use or conscious mind and intellect to say that what we are feeling is silly and shouldn’t matter but it seems our subconscious needs are much more powerful.

I was working with a client who discovered that just as we got started working together she began losing weight. This should have been great news right since that is what she hired me to help her with?


She was aware of a need to not upset anyone and make anyone jealous. With a little further exploration and tapping we discovered there was someone specific. Her mother.

Interestingly, this is very common.

When it comes to success if  we aren’t getting where we would like to because of procrastination or other common saboteurs you can bet there are significant people to us that we are afraid to upset in some known or unknown way. Again, the conscious mind and intellect may think it sounds ridiculous and intellectualize but it won’t make a bit of difference if the subconscious need is strong to stay safe.

This is often way traditional talk therapy can fail to release sabotage and addiction. The root causes are emotional and in the unconscious mind and must be let go of to move on.

So if all success feels really weird to you, or you take two steps forward and then notice you sabotage and take three back it is worth looking at unconscious motivations. The most successful way I have found is through tapping. It always works every time without fail. It is only when we don’t use it that it doesn’t stand a chance.

The fear of actually achieving our goal can have so much loaded meaning we don’t even go there!

Feelings like hint at a need to sabotage:

  • This will really upset x person or group of people or I will have to leave people behind
  • It doesn’t feel like “me” or I don’t know who I will be like that
  • I don’t feel comfortable with it because…

There is simply no point in intellectualizing when this comes up because there is a genuine need within to stay safe.

For my client, there were specific incidents from the past that when tapped for really helped to clear the need to sabotage and binge to stay safe and not upset her mother.

It sounds simple right? Yet people will spend lifetimes defending subconscious beliefs and the people they are or were close to in some way, even unhealthy ways. It’s so common I would say it is just “normal.” The secret is that we can change it, and quickly, painlessly compared to the pain it causes for our lives year after year.


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