Do you ever feel like you are totally frustrated and sick to death of yet another program or cleanse that is finally going to make a difference this time.. and keep you from just rebounding and gaining all the weight (and even more) back?

I hear this every day from women who work very hard at getting healthier and just can’t keep up with a diet, or feel like they know what to do but just can’t stick to it.

They are literally on the brink of giving up totally on even trying yet again or believing they can do this.

Because they’ve tried EVERYTHING…

  • Talk therapy, even with specialized therapists
  • Nutritional Programs
  • Homeopathics
  • Naturopaths
  • EFT tapping
  • Hypnosis
  • Geneen Roth and Marianne Williamsons’ books or programs
  • Online courses
  • Food delivery
  • Switching from the latest and greatest diet trend from paleo to keto to raw or vegan
  • Food avoidance, you know… just getting it out of the house…
  • Exercising daily or on an intense schedule
  • Prayer!
  • Visualization and law of attraction

The list goes on and on…

And yet it seems like almost the more effort they put into it… the LESS it works!

I’m serious. I worked with a woman who at 54 years old had spend 40 YEARS of her life dieting. Non-stop. As she grew older and more “holistic” minded this took the form of cleanses.

This took the form of smoothies, fasting, detox programs, expensive “retreat” type cleanses with basically broth and colonics,

Are these things bad? Hell no!

But they are if that is your constant weight loss strategy. That is called food restriction and frankly, possibly a version of an eating disorder called anorexia.

The only problem? Her self esteem was in the TOILET. She HATED and I do mean HATED her body.

And… she gained weight right after losing every single time. Not just once, but every single time. (This is actually normal btw as you may or may not realize… it’s not your fault if you are dieting and failing. It’s a built in failure model.)

It was totally depressing and unnecessary as this woman was intelligent, successful, understood nutrition and was health conscious. She wanted to be healthy!

There was just one tiny weeny problem- a 40 year long one! Ouch!

And I’d love to tell you this story is uncommon but it’s not. It’s the norm.

Most women who want to lose weight are struggling like this in our society right now. (It’s not normal, it’s the diet industry and something else…)

The problem is that we are looking at this from the wrong angle and seeing our bodies and food as the problem.

When we do this- and we all do this if we are struggling- we CREATE a problem. Weight gain, and it’s fun secondary problem of feeling like a failure.

This is not your fault, we have been fed (pun intended) so much information on this diet or that and misinformation it’s a wonder we eat at all! (And truth be told, many people are not. They are so scared of food they avoid it and starve just existing on some minor smoothie until their body is just STARVING and oops… they binge out of control at night.)

But there is GOOD NEWS… it’s EASY- yes, easy- to fix this.

There is a simple system that works like magic to eliminate the fear and overwhelm with food so you can eat literally whatever you want without using will power to stop any over eating or self sabotage patterns and it’s almost 100% overlooked!

>> No more avoiding chocolate, bread or ice cream…

>> No more frustration and feeling mystified about why nothing’s working…

>> No more constant fear and worry about weight gain no matter what you do…

So, if you’re done with all the struggle…and you want to get a REAL system in place that creates a lasting results- not just a quick fix, and get your body and your health back, here’s what to do…

Just click the link below, tell me a little about yourself, and we’ll book a strategy session.

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